Battery Summit – April 2011
CBR, its advisors and consulting firm Blu Skye convened a stakeholder summit to design a standard system for household battery recycling. Seventy-five participants including battery manufacturers, product manufacturers, recyclers, retailers, government (municipal, state and national), NGOs, consumers, and other experts participated. The goal was to create an environmentally and economically sustainable national program for recycling household batteries.

Common themes emerged that guide the principles of a national system:
– Consumers are key – system must be convenient and convenient for customers
– Industry-led and market-driven
– Multi-stakeholder collaboration
– Net positive environmental and social impact, as well as sustainable economics

Summit Highlights

– Appreciation of unique strengths, knowledge and expertise of all participants
– Willingness to engage in an open and frank discussion
– Understanding of complexity of system
– Recognition that summit is just beginning of endeavor
– Agreement of need for ongoing communication, collaboration and transparency between industry and other stakeholder groups

For more information, download any of these background documents:  

Press Release
Summit Participants – List of 75 companies, government groups and organizations
Briefing Paper – Provided as preparation to Summit attendees
Briefing Paper Factbase – Background document for Summit attendees
Summit Overview  – Top line review of Summit recommendations and learnings
Summary Report – Full report on ideas and outcomes generated at 3-day Summit
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