Foundation Program Update

By March 18, 2013 Recent Updates No Comments

The Corporation for Battery Recycling (CBR) is currently running six foundation programs in:
1. Santa Clara County, California
2. Hennepin County, Minnesota
3. King County, Washington
4. Snohomish County, Washington
5. Onondaga County, New York
6. San Luis Obispo County, California

CBR has recently received numerous requests from municipalities, retailers and other entities to be additional “pilots.” While we certainly appreciate the enthusiasm to join our work, in order to maintain our transparency of work and be sure we are focused on creating an environmentally beneficial, economically sustainable and fair program, we are not undertaking additional pilot programs at this time. We feel that we now need to focus our attention to work with state legislatures to establish a level playing field among all stewards for the collection and recycling of primary batteries via legislation. We welcome your continued feedback by emailing