Results of Vermont Battery Sort Shows Uneven Playing Field Persists

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Results of Vermont Battery Sort Shows Uneven Playing Field Persists

Vermont took major steps toward responsible battery stewardship with the passage of first of its kind battery take back legislation in May. With implementation of the bill set for January 2016, a number of questions remain to be answered, including where the primary batteries in Vermont’s waste stream are coming from.

On August 26th 2014, CBR joined members of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA),Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and the Chittenden County Solid Waste District (CSWD) in an attempt to answer that question, conducting a sort of primary batteries in the county’s waste stream.

The results of the sort revealed the breadth of the potential “free-rider” problem facing Vermont under the new legislation. Of the 646 lbs. of primary batteries received at the CSWD, over a fifth came from unknown manufacturers – many located outside of the US.  Whether these batteries entered the market contained in or packaged with battery-operated products, sold directly through  in-state retailers, or purchased through web retailers, the fact remains that all batteries are disposed of locally.

The results are consistent with other audits conducted by CBR that found nearly one in three batteries comes from sources that haven’t committed to pay  to manage batteries at end of life. As more states consider battery stewardship legislation, CBR is committed to ensuring a level, consistent playing field where everyone contributes their fair share to the goal of sustainable collection.
The full results of the battery sort can be downloaded here.

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