Our Vision

The Corporation for Battery Responsibility, a nonprofit organization formed by Duracell, Energizer, and Panasonic in 2011, is committed to promoting responsible practices that ensure the safe and sustainable use and disposal of consumer batteries.

 Our Work

CBR works with lawmakers across the country on economically and environmentally sustainable consumer battery recycling. In coordination with battery retailers, recyclers, environmental groups, and local and state governments, CBR promotes the removal of spent consumer batteries from the normal waste stream if environmentally positive and fair. CBR supports responsible practices for managing every aspect of the primary battery lifecycle, from the manufacturing process to the product’s ultimate disposal at end-of-life.

 Our Goals

  • Create a level playing field where each producer, brand owner, or importer of products containing batteries supports end-of-life management of the product
  • Assure that overall responsibility is shared between manufacturers, producers, consumers, retailers, and government
  • Build awareness of battery recycling to maximize battery collection and long-term awareness
  • Work to efficiently use resources by pursuing recycling-oriented manufacturing
  • Minimize the environmental impact of batteries throughout the entire supply chain
  • Promote the responsible use of batteries through safe handling and storage practices